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Thunderchicken Automotive Supply emerged from 'shopping' for our classic cars! Because we couldn't find quality parts at a reasonable price, and the customer service was lacking in many of the stores we needed to buy from, we decided to do something about it! So we specialize in rod, racing and high performance parts - both new and used - at reasonable prices, and try to provide you with great customer service! We love cars, and are very happy to help you build, restore or hotrod your great automobiles.

Thunderchicken Automotive Supply is an online retailer based in the State of Washington. We have been selling on a well-known auction site for a number of years, and have over 6000 feedbacks with a 99%+ positive rating, so please buy from us with confidence! It has become increasingly difficult over the years to continue providing you with quality parts and giving you the best value for your money on the auction site. So we have our own website, and can be contacted directly to give you the best deals possible (With our 'new' website we are starting with real basics here!) Over time we will be adding things, and modifying others.

Our customer service motto is 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'. Please read 'Our Policies' to see that we make every effort to deal with your concerns in an honest and timely manner. We provide each customer with fast shipping, great packing, and a good 'all-around' business attitude. Please keep in mind that after we post the item we have no control over the time it takes the shipper to deliver it to you. We use FedEx Ground and USPS for the great majority of our shipping, as these two are the least expensive methods to get the items to you in a timely fashion. Rarely UPS will be used. We have discovered that occasionally items are damaged in shipping, no matter how well we have packed the item. If your item is damaged in shipping, please email us immediately after receiving the item, and please do read our 'return policies' on this site about the situation. We take all our own pictures of products, and develop the descriptions ourselves too - no 'canned' photos or descriptions here!

Our Acquisition and Sales Manager has 40 + years of experience in the automotive industry, and provides technical assistance to buyers as possible. We will answer Q and A and post addresses to technical drawings, etc. on the Chicken Scratch page.

If we sell it, we believe in it; However please keep in mind that occasionally the vendor may receive a defective part; so we receive a defective part; so you get sent a part that turns out to be defective. Please email us immediately after reading our 'return policies' about this situation. We will do whatever we can to correct the problem for you.

Instead of offering 'special discounts', and other gimmicks to encourage you to shop through us, you will simply find the best quality items here, some quite rare, for the lowest price that we can provide. Shipping is always the 'actual' - what we have to pay - and there are no 'handling charges'. Please add us to your 'favorites' or put our site on your desktop, and continue to check back here as we work on expanding the site, and Thunderchicken Automotive Supply!

*For those of you who have visited us previously, thank you! Due to a number of 'glitches' by the company that hosted our site previously, we have had to change hosts and thus the site. Please contact us by using the email us! link, or if within the United States you can call 206-306-4765 to speak to us/order, etc. Currently you will need to contact us to order products. We have put pictures as well as short descriptions of some of our favorite products on the Products page on this site. We are still carrying product in our own inventory, as well as ordering products for buyers as necessary. (In the future we hope to be able to justify the expense of an ecommerce site again.)

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